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Private Whilhelm is a regular cowboy from the Wild West. One day he is abducted by giant alien heads, and finds him self trapped in their prison and is controlled surpricingly (or not), by their leader Donald Trump. Private Whilhelm desperatly needs to break free from the prison, by getting past the giant heads, the only thing is, there is no exit...

The good thing is that he is not the first human to be trapped in the prison, his colleague Kanye West has managed to escape from the prison before and knowing that someone else might have to do the same later, he left a magic gem insided the prison which opens the secret exit. Private Whilhelms's task ist to find the magic gem and escap the prison which is surrounded by police helicopters and filled with giand head prison guards. If he gets caught you can hear his scream...

Published Nov 06, 2015
StatusIn development


GiantHeadEscape.jar 11 MB

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